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  • Ethan Shelton’s 110th Birthday Party Recap

    imageOn July 7th, friends and family gathered to celebrate the 110th Birthday of the founder of Shelton Farms, Ethan Shelton.  While his birthday is actually Wednesday, July 10th, we’ve made it a tradition to celebrate on the closest Sunday.

    Over 400 people gathered at the Berrien Center Bible Church for the event.  Many of Ethan’s 130 grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren attended, as well as friends from all of Ethan’s walks of life — music friends, dancing friends,  golfing friends, and church friends.  It was an amazing turnout, and we were happy to see everyone there!

    We’d like to extend a thank you to everyone who helped make the event possible.  Thanks to Michial Thompson, Steve Barber, Chad Geister, and all of Ethan’s music buddies for playing a great show!  Thanks to Don Shelton, Marie Shelton, Deb Shelton, Jeremy Diaz, Barb, and everyone else who was bouncing around the kitchen and helping to prepare food.  Thanks to Sarah Bauer and the people of the Berrien Center Bible Church for the gorgeous venue.  Thanks to the Neldon family (Sandy, Ambrosia, Jasmine, and James) for doing all you could to help us out (the pictures are wonderful!).  Thanks to Trica Harte of WNDU and all of the rest of the wonderful media people who helped us capture this occasion.  And while I’m sure we are missing many important people,  please know that we appreciate and thank everyone who helped to make the birthday party possible.  Thank you!

    Leading up to his Birthday, Ethan was featured in several newspapers and on many news channels.  Here are a few of the links to the stories:

    Here is a video clip of Ethan on NBC’s The Today Show


    And here is the segment in it’s entirety:


    Photos courtesy of Ambrosia Neldon

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