110th Birthday – Ethan Shelton TODAY Show Campaign!

Let’s get Ethan Shelton to the TODAY show for his 110th Birthday!

Ethan Shelton Celebrates 110th Birthday

Ethan Shelton, the founder of Shelton Farms, is celebrating his 110th Birthday on July 10th, 2013.  You might consider this his “Double” Golden Birthday!

It’s Ethan Shelton’s 110th Birthday! As many of you know, TODAY on NBC showcases people who celebrate Centenarian Birthdays.  We’ve been trying since Ethan’s 100th to get him on the show, with no luck.  Please help us spread the word by SHARING this post on Facebook!   Please help us get Ethan onto TODAY on NBC.

For more information about Ethan Shelton click HERE.  


Nick Shelton

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One Response to “110th Birthday – Ethan Shelton TODAY Show Campaign!”

  1. Joan Tweedell | June 27, 2013 at 7:26 pm #

    Sally Peterson is a photographer who has been documenting amazing centenarians. I saw her work at http://www.slate.com under “photos” and thought that she might be interested in photographing Ethan. I contacted her, and she says that she loved his golfing video and would like to visit him and add his image to her series. If you are willing, please contact her at [email protected].
    Joan Tweedell (a longtime customer of Shelton’s farm market)

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